Conscious Food, Committed to Life

Facing the base of Cerro Uritorco with a spectacular panorama view our Restaurant and Tea House Kiyankuk is located.
There you can enjoy a wide variety of choices of different home made and traditional meals, exquisitly prepared.
Homemade Food

A wide and varied menu to enjoy different aromas, textures and flavors.

Naturist Menu

Backed by a long history in our Naturist Health Center ArteSano and being aware of the relationship between food and health we offer, for lovers of healthy living, a menu of «Conscious Food» made from whole grains, vegetables, legumes and fresh vegetables. We do not use any preservatives or chemicals; respecting to the maximum the virtues that nature gives us.

Transitional Food Menu "Alive" (RAW FOOD)

We guide you to introduce yourself to experience a new way of eating: live, fresh, organic food; cooked to less than 50 degrees, full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. “Living divinely healthy and young; nourishing your body, you will surprise your palate».